SUBSTUDIO is a design firm founded in 2015.

Ingrid A Schmidt and Hannah Dewhirst, both Assistant Professors in University of Kentucky’s School of Interiors, are co-founders of the collaborative design and research practice SUBSTUDIO. With
backgrounds in architecture, interiors, contemporary art, and fabrication, SUBSTUDIO builds immersive sensorial environments that deeply engage the body, context, and culture. Weaving together studio-base hand craft, digital fabrication, robotics, and large-scale factory production, SUBSTUDIO is able to fine-tune visual and experiential complexity. 

One arm of our studio based research - custom textiles and rugs - has been tested and tuned extensively at large scale for international audiences. SUBSTUDIO has been commissioned to custom design,
fabricate, deliver and install over 3,500 sf of tufted rugs for fashion brands Bottega Veneta and Burberry in numerous global locations, and in multiple exhibitions around the United States. Rug tufting and soft, spatial textiles have become a significant part of our research in recent years, and with each new iteration of the work, we explore new ways to combine color, pattern, and texture, and we also learn to work with this material as a spatial and experiential element. 

SUBSTUDIO offers a variety of custom design services, specializing in color, material, texture, and pattern. Much of our work is focused on achieving immersive depth with dimensional textiles for floor and wall applications. Both principals of our firm are trained as architects and consider all of our work as it responds to circulation, site lines, and spatial dynamics. While designing, we consider modular and innovative opportunities to best activate the space while optimizing manufacturing, installation, and shipping ease, and allowing opportunities to re-vision the work for future contexts.

SUBSTUDIO Selected Clients
Bottega Veneta
Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
Red Bull Music Academy

SUBSTUDIO Selected Exhibitions
2022 Blink Festival Installation for CincyNice Social House, Cincinnati
2020 Detroit Design Month at Wasserman Gallery, Detroit
2019 Support! at Columbus Center for Art and Design, Columbus
2016 Off-Gassing, Detroit MI

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