Much of our work is custom and highly attuned to specific client needs, but we are also able to produce replicas, small batch series, and evolutions of our tested material strategies with greater ease. 

For clients who wish to create and develop custom tufted rugs, we work directly with our manufacturing facility in Casablanca, Morocco for all large-scale projects. Rugs are robotically tufted and then hand-finished utilizing 100% New Zealand Wool, recycled Nylon, and/or Art Silk. We are experts at design, file refinement, and technical management of production. Our years of experience in large-scale design firms and as current owners of a successful design and fabrication business mean that we thrive in fast paced environments and at delivering innovative, quality product.

Project Timeline
Our typical timeline for custom rugs is as follows:
Design and sampling rounds with client feedback (3-8 weeks) 
Rug Fabrication, Shipping, Installation (6 weeks)

Site Specificity
Because we are able to precisely control our finished edges, we are able to design rugs that are site responsive or site specific. Please provide acurate measurements of your space so that we can advise and design appropriately.

SUBSTUDIO is currently producing rugs from the following materials. We value sustainable products at all phases of design and production, and believe that sustainable and recycled materials are an important factor in eco-centric design processes. We also value and produce quality products, meaning that they are not meant for single use. 

100% New Zealand Wool
Premium wool, sustainable material. Suitable for high traffic areas, best color retention for custom dye batches.  

Recycled Nylon (Econyl Brand), Supplied by Aquafil
Premium material, sustainable. Shiny finish, suitable for high traffic areas. Good color retention for custom dye batches.  

Art(ificial) Silk (Tencel Brand), Supplied by Lenzing
High shine finish to the yarn, has a predetermined color palette. Less suitable for high traffic areas, but can be mitigated through the use of strategically hybrid tufting (wool + Tencel). 

On-site installation oversight can be provided as an additional service. Installation requirements differ from site to site and vary upon permanence and complexity of project.

General Rug Maintenance and Care
Rugs should be vacuumed twice weekly within the first three months while shedding occurs. Shedding is a natural part of the rug making process, whereby excess yarn that is non integral to the rug itself is shed due to friction. Rugs can be rotated periodically if exposed to direct sunlight to even out any solar discoloration. All tufted rugs can be dry cleaned professionally, and should be spot cleaned immediately when necessary.

Additional Materials
SUBSTUDIO has designed and produced a number of other products as part of custom commission work, including but not limited to: vinyl wallpaper, printed fabrics of many types, lasercut acrylic, and airbrushed paper. Please let us know if you would like more information about any of these services.


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